Exclusive Richest Contest on Champions League – Be part of It!

An Exclusive Richest Contest to Join

Sportito Daily Fantasy Sports is always offering many opportunities for You to win big and the new year makes no exception. An exclusive contest has been created to celebrate the beginning of 2020: the *February Richest £1000 Guaranteed* based on the Champions League matches of the 25th and 26th of February.

Our users will be able to join this contest either by paying the entry fee or by winning one of our qualifiers’contests that have a variable number of Tickets as final prize depending on the contests’ format, then all the tickets’ winners will be granted full free access to the contest for a fixed time interval, from 10th to 31st of January. Please note that tickets will not allow any free access after the fixed time interval is passed.

Win a Qualifier and Get Your Ticket

Get a Ticket to this special contest winning our Qualifiers that will be available from the 10th to the 30th of January with an entry Fee ranging from 0 to £7 covering the best fantasy sports’ events available! Please note that once you have won a ticket, even if you win more, you will still be granted only a single entry in this special contest.
Some of our users will also receive an email from Sportito with a special code to join exclusive Qualifiers for Free, remember therefore to check your Inbox during the Qualifiers’ period.

There’s Always a Chance to Be Part of It

If You were not lucky enough to be one of the winners from a Qualifier contest, we still give You the chance of joining our exclusive *February Richest £1000 Guaranteed* contest during a specific time period: from the 1st of February to the start of the contest with an entry fee of £11 all players without distinction will be able to enter this special contest. So You will still have an opportunity to win your piece from the £1,000 prize pool.

Time IntervalPlayers' segmentEntry Fee
10 Jan - 31 JanTickets' Winners0
1 Feb - 25 FebAll Players£11

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