Fantasy Premier League

What is Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League (aka FPL) is the official fantasy football game of the English premier Leagues. It is the biggest and most popular fantasy football platform in the UK. The user base around the world is more than 5M according to the statistics.

Fantasy Premier League users have a budget of £100M per season to use when drafting the team of 15 players for Premier League. The budget is limited and the players must be chosen under the budget even if that means you will not choose the best players for your FPL team.

There’s the option to create or join a leagues, which allows you to play against friends or a community in a private league.

Fantasy Premier League Guide

How to Join Fantasy Premier League

You can join Fantasy Premier League by completing the registration process with your personal details such as full name, email address, password, gender, date of birth, country of residence, postcode, mobile number and your favourite Premier League football club (you can also choose to be a General PL Fan). At the last step of FPL signup process, you will be asked to choose your email preference to send out the communications from your favourite club (as chosen in the previous step) and Fantasy Premier League. Once you complete the registration, you will be send a confirmation email, in order to finish the process.

To start playing, you can now simply enter your email address and password in the Fantasy Premier League login and sign in to your FPL account.


How to Play Fantasy Premier League

The users are given a 100M budget to use in drafting the teams on Fantasy Premier League. You should draft a fantasy team of 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards, totalling 15 players. Here you will see more details on how to play Fantasy Premier League.

FPL Game Rules

There are FPL game rules applied, from the time you are selecting players for your fantasy squad until the final, end of the Fantasy Premier League season. Here are few of the rules:

  • The team size must be 15 (2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards)
  • Budget is only £100M and mustn’t exceed.
  • Only 3 players can be chosen from each Premier League club.
  • Only 11 players out of the 15 players will be playing in the Gameweek.
  • You can choose any formation but must include at least 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders and 1 forward.
  • The chosen team captain’s points will be doubled.
  • Any injured player will be replaced automatically with a player in the bench.
  • Buying and selling players in the transfer market is unlimited and free, before the 1st
  • After the deadline, there is only 1 free transfer allowed each Gameweek.
  • Deadline of the Gameweek is 1 hour before the kick off of the first match of that Gameweek.

Fantasy premier league points system

To predict if you are choosing a good team every week, you should know how to get points in Fantasy Premier League. Throughout the season, the players are allocated FPL points based on the players’ real time performance in the Premier League, in real time matches.

Playing up to 60 minutes: 1 point
Playing 60 minutes or more: 2 points
Each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender: 6 points
Each goal scored by a midfielder: 5 points
Each goal scored by a forward: 4 points
Each goal assist: 3 points
A clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender: 4 points
A clean sheet by a midfielder: 1 point
Every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper: 1 point
Each penalty save: 5 points
Each penalty miss: -2 points
Every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender: -1 point
Each yellow card: -1 point
Each red card: -3 points
Each own goal: -2 points

FPL bonus points

FPL Bonus points for the best players in a match: 1-3 points


How to change players formation in Fantasy Premier League

Here are the FPL formations you are allowed to play:
1) 5-4-1
2) 5-3-2
3) 5-2-3
4) 4-5-1
5) 4-4-2
6) 4-3-3
7) 3-5-2
8) 3-4-3

If you want to change formation on Fantasy Premier League, you can choose a player from the bench and substitute with a player who plays a different position. As in, choose a forward for a midfielder or defender for a midfielder and your formation will be automatically change. Make sure you choose one of the FPL formations from the above list.
This change can be done in the My Team section of your Fantasy Premier League.


Fantasy Premier League Prizes

Unlike the daily fantasy football platforms such as Sportito Daily Fantasy Sports, Official Fantasy Premier League follows the traditional version of playing fantasy football, which does not involve any real cash prizes. And there are no chances to win prizes daily, as Sportito offers.

Fantasy Premier League prizes are only for the Champion of the season, the runner up of the season, 3rd place of the season, FPL Cup Winners and few monthly and weekly prizes to choose one manager. Few of the FPL prizes for the overall season winners are VIP hospitality for Premier League matches, travel and accommodation in the UK, tablet, FIFA and game console, Bluetooth speaker and FPL goody bag. Weekly and monthly winners receive only a FPL goody bag.

Fantasy Premier League Wildcard

FPL wildcard allows you to change your FPL team without losing any Gameweek points. Only 2 cards will be allocated for you in the season. One of the wildcards must be used before the Premier League transfer window in January and the other card can be used after the transfer window closes.


Unique features of Sportito, compared to Fantasy Premier League

  • Chance to win real money daily
  • Build a new fantasy squad every week
  • Injuries and flop players don’t ruin the season
  • Unlimited budget when drafting teams
  • Unlimited contests everyday
  • Unlimited teams to create
  • Unlimited European and worldwide competitions
  • Real time updates during the matches