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Handball is almost similar when compared to football except that it is played with hands. Adding to that, it is simple and if one can keep up with the pace of the leagues and tournaments then daily fantasy handball is the best suited place for all such likeminded. With daily fantasy handball it is possible to build a new team every day and bring it to victory just like a real handball manager. The most interesting part is therefore to become a better fantasy handball manager and contest in a world of handball enthusiasts who are out to prove themselves. Since the game is ideally simple but tactically complex, it takes more than just being genius to win this fantasy handball league. Let us take a tour to understand various facets of this competition.


Like any other fantasy sport, daily fantasy handball lets the users be the leader of their respective handball team and to compete daily with other managers. The fate of a team and its performance depends mostly on the owner as he is the sole responsible for selecting the team. There are not many complications in daily fantasy handball and one could easily understand how to play it and win money prizes. It starts with the simplest registration and then by building every time a strong team that can win its opponents. Of course, minimum knowledge of handball’s players and teams is recommended, as it gives an idea of how a team needs to be structured and what are the main things to remember before selecting a player. Even if you don’t, we got you covered.


One must keep in mind that selecting high valued players is important but selecting less known players that have huge potential to make a difference during a match is fundamental! It is advised to select the players who not only score goals or defend well but also those who can come in handy during injury time and who get less suspensions. One needs to take a serious look over the handball league fixtures and the dates when they are played. If a top player has easy fixtures lined up during the initial phase of season, then it is advisable to choose him if he can bag some important points and win for your fantasy handball team in the beginning. It is also recommended to select players from different teams, so a single team’s bad day will not affect your fantasy handball players’ performances.


All fantasy handball teams will have a goalkeeper, 2 backs, 2 wingers, 1 playmaker and 1 pivot. It is not ideal to have a common scoring standard for all players given that the style of play is completely different. But all players in general do carry equal points for certain categories like win/loss, yellow card, red card, exclusion and 2 minutes suspension. All the cards and expulsion categories will earn negative points for the team on behalf of the player. A goalkeeper can be very handy when it comes to earning points. If the goalkeeper can keep well and restrict the goals conceded to less than 20 then it can be termed as a good performance. A back can have points scored for every goal and their defense will also come into play. But for playmakers, pivots and wingers, only goal scoring can earn them points with possible exception of assists. The points that can be earned via assists are negligible and it is necessary to keep these scoring standards in mind while selecting the players and choose players who are the best fit for the respective position.


Handball is the second largest sport in the world just coming next to football. There will be a lot of stuff going around involving the teams, players, staff and transfers which sometimes becomes tough to keep track of. Luckily, you’re covered as Sportito enables its members with all such related information and necessary updates that are needed. But it is much more than just having some information as members need to invest a little amount of time just to finalize their fantasy handball team and pick up the best players possible every day. This task becomes much easier with Sportito doing all the research and presenting you the required information in form of previews, reviews and other discussions.


Daily contests across a variety of professional handball leagues and international tournaments
are available on Sportito Lobby. Few examples are:

Germany DKB Handball-Bundesliga
Spain Liga Loterías ASOBAL
Poland PGNiG Superliga
Macedonian Super Liga
IHF World Handball Championship
rosters from daily fantasy leagues
Hungary K&H liga
France Lidl Starligue
Denmark 888ligaen
EHF European Handball Championship
Summer Olympic Games

“We are not only seven, we are millions”


Build your fantasy team like a real handball manager. Free from salary cap restrictions, you can choose the best players from the major handball leagues and this is why Sportito is the best platform to play fantasy handball. Begin your fantasy career on Sportito following these steps:

1 Pick your favorite game

On our Lobby you can find all daily contests available on Sportito. You can choose a paid or a free contest and enter in as many contests you want to increase your winning chances. Each contest can be based on a single league or on a mix of different handball fantasy leagues, where matches are played daily or weekly.

entering competitions for chances to win

field the best players

2 Build your team for fantasy handball games

Choose your starting lineup without salary cap restrictions. Use your talent to predict the final results and act like a real head coach! The players’ points will be based on their current level of performance on the court.

3 Check LIVE your players’ performance

Watch handball games in a different way, paying attention to players' performances and tracking their LIVE updates on Sportito. Focus on the latest fantasy handball news and player’s stats: their injuries, their past and current performances in the tournament.

draft teams players

daily chances of winning prizes

4 Score better than your opponents to Win

If your fantasy handball team scores more points than the opponent teams within the same contest, you can collect your winnings shortly after, with no need to wait the end of the season. Start competing with the Sportito fast growing community!

5 reasons to play daily
Either you play a head to head or a multiplayer contest the odds of winning depend on your choices
When the sport has no secrets you need to be rewarded for it
You can play fantasy handball on random days or you can play it every day
Win real cash every day with our daily FREE and paid contests
The best players are ready to be picked on Sportito


Sportito is available also on mobile devices so you can play whenever and everywhere.
Amazing Live feature: track your team performances through real-time updates.
Download our Android Apps for FREE:

sportito android app


In the Lobby section on Sportito there is the list of the open contests that you can join, each contest closes 5 minutes before first match start time. Join a variety of contest formats created to fit your needs, ranging from 2 players to 100+ players. All the contest info can be found in its own contest card. Users can see the contest card by clicking on the contest's raw. You can do it before joining a room, or after having joined it (My Contests: Upcoming or Running). There are 4 sections for each contest card:

details fantasy competitions
rosters of daily fantasy competitions
winning prizes chance
daily competitions between fantasy players

1) Detail

Tournament: name of the professional handball league(s)
Type: guaranteed / not guaranteed
Fee: the price of the ticket to enter in the contest
Min Participants: the minimum number of participants required to start the contest
Max Participants: the maximum number of participants allowed
Starts: when the first match kickoffs, among the matches embedded in the contest
Limit: the date after which entries may not be added, edited, or cancelled
Matches available: the list of matches embedded in the contest
Leave Contest: yes / no

2) Matches:

The matches that are included in the contest. You can play all the matches available in a specific day or week from a single or a mix of national leagues and from one of the many world tournaments.

3) Prizes:

How the contest prize is structured. In free and guaranteed contests, the value of the prize pool that is guaranteed is known in advance. In calculated contests the value of the prize is determined by the sum of the entry fees shares allocated to the prize pool.

4) Participants:

You see the participants' usernames. Remember them and analyze their lineups after the contest is finished to understand why they scored better or worse than you.


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