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Knowing Daily Fantasy Tennis

Even though it is just about scoring points and overcoming opponents, fantasy sports are not all the same. Even though most of the challenges appear similar, fantasy tennis and in general, daily fantasy tennis competitions are much different and difficult. Difficult yes but not impossible to crack them given that you have sufficient understanding about the rules and good knowledge of tennis. Unlike other sports, tennis tournaments run through all the year with December as the major exception, which means that daily fantasy tennis almost provides always an opportunity to win some grand prizes, which is not quite the case with other fantasy sports.

Fantasy Tennis Simplified

Fantasy Tennis is mostly classified into Daily fantasy, Round fantasy and Seasonal fantasy tennis. They all have the basic intersection point that players’ performances carry the points but the duration of the competition is the only variable. Daily fantasy tennis runs every day all through the tournament from beginning to end. Round fantasy tennis is similar to daily fantasy tennis but it can span over 2 days as it covers the competitions for the entire round of tournament. In other words, it really does not matter if the matches of the same round happen for 2 or 3 days, the competition will continue for 3 days but on the contrary, 2 or 3 daily fantasy tennis competitions can be played during one single round fantasy competition. The last type is the classic type of fantasy tennis that spans all through the tournament.
Daily Fantasy Tennis looks more feasible and easy compared to the other tournaments as the length of the competition increases in fantasy tennis, the probability of winning decreases. The players may become injured or face a sudden exit even though they are the favorites to progress. Daily fantasy tennis therefore is better than round fantasy or seasonal fantasy tennis, because the contests last only one day of the tournament and the verdict is immediate.

How it works?

Like in any other fantasy sports competition, team selection is the key. Without a fine team selection, you are going downwards since the first day of the tournament. In the case of daily fantasy tennis, most of the platforms offer to pick very few players as the fixtures will be completed quickly. But if the length of the competition spans over the entire tournament, then more effort needs to be put in while selecting the team.
Daily fantasy tennis needs tennis knowledge because foreseeing and analyzing players’ performances will be the key to get the best results. The points are awarded based on the players’ performances of course and all the major events are taken in consideration. It is quite difficult to capture the sprints, successful drop shots and base line backhand shots of every player. To simplify the scoring, points are awarded based on the sets won, games won per set and in the entire game, the number of straight sets won and aces add points to your team. Therefore, it should be ideal enough for users to pick the players based on the above criteria. Suppose, if John Isner is playing on the day you are contesting on Sportito, then he surely needs to bag a spot in your team even though he has a tough opponent.

Tricks and Tips!!

The points are awarded mostly on the above criteria but in grand slams and other major ATP tournament excluding the challenger series, we have points graded to players based on their seeding as well. The grand slams offer some brilliant and interesting daily fantasy competitions. Most daily fantasy tennis platforms give you a choice to pick a team (in general of 8) to pick from. Based on the budget, you need to select 2 from the top 4 seeds, other 2 from 5-15 seeding and rest 4 from the remaining seeded players for first round and so on…this might change for other fantasy tennis platforms but that is the basic consideration for majority of them. It is indeed good enough to pick as many top seeds as possible because they are the most probable ones that are going to remain in the tournament for long which means that they get wins and they earn you points!

Knowledge is Divine

Nothing can help more in daily fantasy tennis but constantly following and analyzing the tennis fixtures and the player performances. It is recommended to follow the ATP and WTA website for any latest news as they cover all the details, interviews, predictions and analysis of players and their trainings. Also, some players have some quite unique abilities that benefit them on some type of courts like we all know that Nadal rules the clay and currently, Djokovic is the best backhand player on hard courts. These minor things need to be kept in mind when you build your fantasy team, they will play a significant role in getting you more points in our daily fantasy contests. Check our blog for more details about fantasy tennis leagues and start having some fun.


Daily contests across a variety of professional tennis tournaments are available on Sportito Lobby. Few examples are:

Australian Open
Roland Garros
US Open
Internazionali d’Italia
rosters from daily fantasy leagues
Montecarlo Masters
Mutua Madrid Open
Rogers Cup
Davis Cup

“You only live once, but you get to serve twice”


Build your fantasy tennis team free from salary cap restrictions, so you can choose the best players from the major tennis tournaments and this is why Sportito is the best platform to play fantasy tennis. Start your fantasy career on Sportito following these simple steps:

1 Select your favorite matches

On our Lobby you can find all daily contests available on Sportito. You can choose a paid or a free contest and enter in as many contests you want to increase your winning chances. Each contest can be based on a single tournament as Wimbledon or on a mix of different tennis fantasy tournaments.

entering competitions for chances to win

field the best players

2 Pick your players for fantasy tennis games

Build your fantasy squad without salary cap restrictions using your talent to predict the final results and scout the best players! The players’ points will be based on their current level of performance on the court.

3 Check LIVE your team performance

Watch basketball games in a different way, paying attention to players' performances and tracking their LIVE updates on Sportito. Focus on the latest fantasy tennis news and player’s stats: their injuries, their past and current performances in the tournament.

draft teams players

daily chances of winning prizes

4 Score better than everyone and Win

If your fantasy tennis team scores more points than the opponent teams within the same contest, you can collect your winnings shortly after. Start competing with the Sportito fast growing community!

5 reasons to play daily
fantasy tennis on sportito
Either you play a head to head or a multiplayer contest the odds of winning depend on your choices
Challenge your knowledge of the sport with Daily Fantasy Tennis and get rewarded for it
Play fantasy tennis weekly or play it every day, no reasons to wait the end of the season
Daily FREE and paid contests available to win real money
Sportito offers the most authentic tennis experience for every tournament


Sportito is available also on mobile devices so you can play whenever and everywhere.
Amazing Live feature: track your team performances through real-time updates.
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In the Lobby section on Sportito there is the list of the open contests that you can join, each contest closes 5 minutes before first match start time. Join a variety of contest formats created to fit your needs, ranging from 2 players to 100+ players. All the contest info can be found in its own contest card. Users can see the contest card by clicking on the contest's raw. You can do it before joining a room, or after having joined it (My Contests: Upcoming or Running). There are 4 sections for each contest card:

details fantasy competitions
rosters of daily fantasy competitions
winning prizes chance
daily competitions between fantasy players

1) Detail

Tournament: name of the professional tennis tournament(s)
Type: guaranteed / not guaranteed
Fee: the price of the ticket to enter in the contest
Min Participants: the minimum number of participants required to start the contest
Max Participants: the maximum number of participants allowed
Starts: when the first match kickoffs, among the matches embedded in the contest
Limit: the date after which entries may not be added, edited, or cancelled
Matches available: the list of matches embedded in the contest
Leave Contest: yes / no

2) Matches:

The matches that are included in the contest. You can play all the matches available in a specific day or week from a single or a mix of the many world tournaments.

3) Prizes:

How the contest prize is structured. In free and guaranteed contests, the value of the prize pool that is guaranteed is known in advance. In calculated contests the value of the prize is determined by the sum of the entry fees shares allocated to the prize pool.

4) Participants:

You see the participants' usernames. Remember them and analyze their lineups after the contest is finished to understand why they scored better or worse than you.


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