Join Sportito for FREE and start building your fantasy team now. With more than 50,000 players from all the official leagues, you have a wide variety to choose your players. Build the highest scoring lineups, prove your talent, and take home real cash winnings every day!

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1. Register or Login

Create a FREE account on Sportito now. There is no registration fee or any other fee added to your registration. With the few simple steps, you can easily sign up with us. You can also register with us using your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter).

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2. Select a Contest

The lobby is where you can find all the contests offered on Sportito every day. You can choose a paid or a free contest. Select the entry fee and prize or choose a free practice contest. There are daily contests or weekend contests available. You can enter as many contests as you like to increase your chances of winning.

3. Build a Team

To build your fantasy team, without salary cap restrictions, choose the professional players from different teams. Act like a real manager by choosing the best players based on what you expect their level of performance to be. Our innovative scoring system takes into account more than 20 elements, including player position, to determine whether a player gains or loses points for your team.

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4. Add Funds

Sportito will offer promotions, like a 100% bonus on the first deposit. Before you choose a paid contest, make sure you have enough funds in your account. Pay attention to the level of the fee when you are confirming your entry. Adding new funds to your balance it’s simple, fast and secure. Transactions are processed immediately.

5. Coach your team

Manage your team, choose the formation among several alternatives, like an offensive 3-4-3 or an old style 4-4-2. You will start watching sports in an innovatively different way, paying attention to any kind of players' performance and tracking LIVE updates on Sportito. Stay up to date with latest news, previous performances and injuries for your players. This will help you to draft the highest scoring lineup.

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6. Score to Win

Based on the performance of the selected players, your team will accumulate points or lose points. Positive events such as goals, assists and clean sheets will add points. Negative events (yellow/red cards, goal conceded, missed penalties) will make the player lose points. Moreover, a player’s position has an important relevance on the score, so build a team with efficient players to score high and help you win!

7. Collect Your Winnings

When your fantasy team wins, totalizing more points than the opponent teams within that contest, you can collect your winnings right away. There is no need to wait the end of the season to take your winnings home.

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8. Win real cash

Challenge other players in Sportito fast-growing community, demonstrate your talent and win real cash. You can win real cash prizes every day, showing your expertise and coaching your team like a professional manager. Start playing now!

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