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Welcome to the Sportito leaderboard. Collect points by playing in our paid contests. No matter where you place in single contests, you will collect points by playing more contests

If you are a beginner - you have not joined more than 15 contests - or a QPR fan, you'll compete in both the dedicated leader board and in the overall ranking.

Every month, the top 3 players will receive amazing prizes. The leaderboard will be reset to zero on the first day of every month. You’ll be able to check your ranking by using the filter.

To be rewarded, you need to be one of the top 3 managers of the month! Good luck!

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Monthly Prizes
for all users

All Prizes
QPR Fans

1° £30 free bonus

2° £20 free bonus

3° £10 free bonus

Every Sportito user will automatically be added to our leader board. Only points accumulated in paid contests will be added to your leader board score.

QPR fans & beginners users will compete in both the dedicated leader board and in the overall ranking.

A *BEGINNER* user is a user who has joined less than 16 contests in all their Sportito’s history, both free and paid.

At the beginning of each month, all Sportito users who have joined less than 16 contests will be able to enter our *BEGINNERS ONLY* leaderboard.

All points accumulated during each month playing paid contests (entry fee is more than £0) will be added to the leaderboard score. Points accumulated in FREE contests (entry fee is £0) will not be added to the leaderboard score.

If a user at the beginning of the month has the *BEGINNER* status they will be able to enter the leaderboard. Even if they lose the *BEGINNER* status during the month, as they exceed 15 joined contests, they will still be in the leaderboard and all the points accumulated in paid contests over the 15th, will be valid to increase the leaderboard score during that month. Next month they will not be able to enter this *BEGINNERS ONLY* leaderboard as they have not the *BEGINNER* status anymore.

All users who are in this *BEGINNERS ONLY* leaderboard will be automatically added to the other Leaderboard competing against all Sportito’s users

QPR fans will compete in both the leaderboards, QPR and All Users

Using the filter, you can choose which leaderboard you wish to display (qpr and monthly)

Prizes are calculated on the monthly ranking and it will be displayed as default

Sportito's management will decide the prizes every month, from the below:

Monthly winner will receive an email from that informs them about the victory.

In order to redeem the prize, winner must be a verified user have deposited at least 1 time and choose his/her own avatar on Sportito.

If the QPR leaderboard winner is not available for the fixed date by QPR to receive the winning prize, the next winner in line will be chosen to give the prize. In this case, the winner will lose his right to receive the prize. And no consolation prize will be given to the winner.

No participant is allowed to win the same prize more than one time. This will not apply for the bonus prizes.

New prizes could be added throughout the season.

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