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The best FIFA World Cup Fantasy Leagues
More than one contest every day with real money prizes
Build your World Cup fantasy team with unlimited budget


FIFA Fantasy World Cup Russia 2018

Daily World Cup Fantasy Football 2018 Russia is what football fans from all over the world have been waiting for and Sportito is definitely the best place to win money playing FIFA World Cup fantasy football games. Finally, it is possible to compete in the contests with your own team made by real players in different FIFA World Cup fantasy leagues. You can build your team with an unlimited budget, so you can pick your favourite FIFA World Cup players. It’s time to show off your great football knowledge of World Cup and win money. Start your career today as a FIFA World Cup fantasy manager.

Daily Fun with World Cup Fantasy Football

On Sportito, every day, there are more than one FIFA World Cup Fantasy league to play, with different entry fees and cash prizes. So you can win money every day with your World Cup Fantasy team as soon as all the matches in the contests end. You can play when you want and don’t have to wait the end of the World Cup to withdraw your winnings.

Your FIFA World Cup Fantasy Manager Skills are Rewarded

You can use your vast knowledge of Fantasy FIFA World Cup to challenge other users and to be immediately rewarded with real money prize for your talent in picking the best FIFA World Cup players, without being anchored to the same fantasy football squad for the entire competition. As a World Cup fantasy manager, you can participate in as many contests you want, and play on different leagues at once.

Follow Your Team Live

You can follow your Fantasy FIFA World Cup team live to see how they are performing, while matches are underway, and to see the current stats of the football players you have chosen for your fantasy team. Sportradar, the global leader in collecting and analyzing sports stats, provides the live stats and the results of your contests on Sportito. Follow how your squad performs during the contest and keep track of your ranking, which can quickly change.

Build your FIFA World Cup Fantasy Football team with the best players of the world

rosters from daily fantasy leagues rosters from daily fantasy leagues
rosters from daily fantasy leagues rosters from daily fantasy leagues
rosters from daily fantasy leagues rosters from daily fantasy leagues
rosters from daily fantasy leagues rosters from daily fantasy leagues


With Sportito you can build your fantasy team like a real manager. You can choose the best 2018 World Cup football players from different teams with unlimited budget, and that’s what makes Sportito the best platform to play FIFA World Cup fantasy leagues. To start the competition there are various steps to follow:

1Select the contest you prefer

The lobby is where you can find all the contests available on Sportito every day. You can pick a paid or a free contest. You can enter in as many contests you want to increase your winning chances and have fun. Each contest is based on a single match of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia or on a mix of different matches.

entering competitions for chances to win

field the best players

2Draft the best team possible

To build your fantasy World Cup squad, pick the real players from all the teams qualified in the competition in Russia. Use your talent to predict results and performances and act like a real manager! On Sportito, the points of the players on your fantasy team will be based on their real time performance on the fields.

3Coach your squad

Manage your team, pick a formation among different alternatives, like an offensive 3-4-3 or a classic 4-4-2. You will start watching football in a different way, paying attention to players' performances and tracking LIVE updates on Sportito. Pay attention to the latest FIFA world cup fantasy football tips and players’ stats: their injuries, their past and current performances in the competition.

draft teams players

daily chances of winning prizes

4Collect your winnings

When your World Cup fantasy team wins, accumulating more points than the opponent teams within the same contest, you can collect your cash winnings shortly after the end of the match.

Every day you have a new squad
You can play in different FIFA Fantasy Leagues every day, with more than one fantasy team. You can build a brand new squad for every contest you join
Team with the best players
You can pick all the top players of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia with unlimited budget
Win real money every day
As soon as all matches of that day end, you know if you won a money prize. You don’t have to wait the end of the competition to get paid
More chances to win
Every day you can participate in more than one World Cup fantasy league, building more than one lineup. There are money prizes for many players, even if your team is not the top-scoring
Play when you want
If you are on holiday and don’t have time to build your lineup, you could lose the match and compromised the entire season. With daily fantasy enjoy your holiday and play when you go back and you feel like playing again
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